Cubic Space

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Definition: Cubic Space

It is defined as the volume contained by a hollow structure, expressed in cubic units. It is widely used in the warehouse operations where we need to optimize the space by stacking and improve the efficiency.

The efficiency is calculated by capacity utilization of warehouse.

Capacity Utilization= Occupied cubic feet/Cubic Capacity

The need to optimize and reduce the cubic space arise because the land and space are expensive and maximizing the cubic space is the mort sorted option. There are infinite number of variables that impact the operations in a warehouse. Building shapes, locations and numbers of dock doors, building column spacing, beam or joist clear heights are some of the physical constraints. The aim of an effective warehousing is to reduce labor costs, expand distribution capacity and improve quality.

The cubic space may include the cube of the storage spaces including racking and space between and above pallets, but not the aisles. Sometimes they may also include the aisles in the storage areas, but not the main traffic aisles and the cube of the actual storage slots to the cube of the warehouse space dedicated to storage only.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Cubic Space along with its overview.


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