Flexible-Path Equipment

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Definition: Flexible-Path Equipment

Flexible-Path equipment are a type of material handling equipment which can move in any particular direction and are often big in size.

Example: Forklifts mobile cranes, trucks, industrial tractors etc.

There are 3 types of Flexible path equipment:

i. Conveyers: Conveyers are the largest family of flexible path equipment. The load carrying surface of these equipment may be roller, belt, wheel, slat, or carrier chain. The conveyors can be placed on-floor or overhead depending upon the requirements.

ii. Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV): These are the electrical vehicles carrying on-board sensors. These can be tracked along their guided path using these sensors. These transport the materials along their marked path without any human intervention. These days, they have got an additional mechanism of self-loading and self-unloading. They are used in flexible assembly operations to carry the product through various stages of assembly.

iii. Hoists, Monorails and cranes: Hoists are overhead lifting equipment which are suspended from a rail, Crane Bridge, track or a beam. Monorails are individual wheeled trolleys capable of moving along an overhead track. Cranes are used to handle the heavy loads. They can be used overhead or on floor.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Flexible-Path Equipment along with its overview.

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