Freight Carriers

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Definition: Freight Carriers

Freight carrier is a company or a person who handles your shipment directly. The shipments are done through air, road, sea or rail. Some carriers provide multi-modal service.

The freight carriers can be broadly classified as:

a. Domestic Freight carriers

b. International Freight carriers

The mode of the shipment depends upon three factors: time, cost and product characteristics. If the shipment is to be done in a small time then air shipment is preferred which is most costly. Shipments through sea takes time, but can carry tons and tons of cargo at lower costs. Road or rail shipments are used by domestic carriers.

Things to check before hiring a fright carrier

• Whether the carrier ha the valid authority to ship good from the transportation department or not

• Cargo insurance of the carrier

• The shipment profile of the carrier

Role of Freight Brokers

Freight brokers are the persons or companies who have connections with a network of freight carriers. When a person approaches a broker for a shipment, they take the order and then choose a suitable carrier for the shipment. They do not touch the shipment physically but do the role of a mediator between customers and the freight carriers.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Freight Carriers along with its overview.


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