Engineering Change

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Definition: Engineering Change

Engineering change refers to the process of making changes in components, assemblies, or documents, e.g. processes and work instructions. Engineering change also refers to the changes made in the specifications.

Engineering change is also called as “Engineering change note”, “engineering change notice (ECN) or an “engineering change order”.

The process of engineering design is an iterative process. The designs are not always first time right. Engineers usually follow a process of gradual changes and subsequent modifications and updates. Engineering change notes are taken in the process and engineering change orders are generated. These engineering change notes and orders help in keeping record of updates that have happened during the complete design process which consumes significant amount of time.

Here, let us take the example of vehicle design. In the process of vehicle design, there is an engineer who works on vehicle integration and there are similarly other engineers who are assigned other different components to work upon. Thus the vehicle integration engineer keeps track of the design process and provides feedback to the other engineers to work upon. This is how engineering change is noted and engineering change order is created which is then processed and worked upon.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Engineering Change along with its overview.


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