Coordinated Transportation

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Definition: Coordinated Transportation

Coordinated Transportation services can be described as a process in which two or more organizations work together to mutually achieve their transportation objectives. Coordination includes authority and control over resources, and coordination can be a question of the usual kinds of political problems and pressures, such as demanding personalities and varying environments.

Coordination is used to develop transportation system performance by eliminating duplicative hard work and improving the effectiveness of transportation operations. Coordinating transportation means doing better with your accessible resources. It requires working together with persons from different agencies and backgrounds. Coordination has been said to be the best way to broaden scare resources and improve mobility for everyone. Adopting the most probable perception is a key element of victorious efforts. Effective coordination will entail a focus on not just a few agencies or client types, but on your complete community and maybe even on multiple communities.

Benefits of coordinated transportation include

• Lowered cost of the trips for travelers as well as for human services agencies

• Services more receptive to the schedules, points of the origin, and final destinations of customers

• Extended service hours, services to new areas or new communities and to more people

• More number of trips made by persons needing transportation

• More flexible payment and service options.

• Greater stress on safety and customer service

• More door-to-door service


Barriers to Coordinated Transportation

Some of the local transportation operators might argue that they would like to harmonize their service with those of added providers, but that they are not allowed, barred or else unable to do. But many other local operators have succeeded in coordinating the resources of transportation of various programs by working through the same administrative, personal, and institutional difficulties which other operators have found trickier to conquer. Most of the funding for specialized transportation services starts with Federal programs intended at particular client groups and needs. This means that awardees of such funds need to pay close attention to the precise objectives and regulations of these programs. While this can be an intricate process, it is certainly not an impossible one. There definitely are challenges concerning coordination, but it would not be correct to say that there are some barriers that cannot be won over.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Coordinated Transportation along with its overview.


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