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Definition: Enroute

Enroute, in general sense means on or along the way. In aviation, an en-route chart is an aeronautical chart that shows the path and guides pilots flying under instrument flight rules (IFR) during the en-route phase of flight.

An en-route (also known as en route or enroute) chart gives complete information helpful for instrument flight, including information on radio navigation aids ( commonly known as navaids) such as VORs and NDBs, navigational fixes (waypoints and intersections), standard airways standard pathways, airport locations, minimum altitudes, and so on. Information that is not directly relevant to instrument navigation, such as visual landmarks and terrain features, is usually not incorporated in the En-route charts.

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En-route charts are divided into high and low versions of charts, with information on airways and navaids for the purpose of high- and low-altitude flight, correspondingly. The division between the low altitude and the high altitude is usually defined as the altitude that marks transition to flight levels. It is different for different countries. for example: In the United States, this is taken to be 18,000 feet MSL by the standard convention

Minimum en route altitude (MEA), also spelled as Minimum enroute altitude, is defined as the lowest published altitude between radio navigation fixes that assures suitable navigational signal coverage and meets barrier consent necessities between those fixes.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Enroute along with its overview.

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