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Definition: Nonconformity

Nonconformity is a term used by quality department which means defect or deviation from normal standards or prescribed specifications. There are three types of nonconformities

1. Major

2. Minor

3. Critical

But in software engineering defect and nonconformities are classified as different. Defect is product not catering of intended usage and nonconformity is not fulfilling requirement itself.

Minor nonconformity- is nonconformity which does not have major affect on reliability performance, durability, maintainability, effective use or operation. Multiple minor nonconformities together may rise into category of major or critical nonconformity

Major nonconformity – nonconformity which may cause failure or reduce the usability of the product is called major nonconformity. Major nonconformity is something that is not easy to remove, not at least by small repair or something that is done in routine.

Critical nonconformity – A nonconformity which can cause hazardous or unsafe conditions for individuals using or maintaining the product


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