General-Commodities Carrier

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Definition: General-Commodities Carrier

General-Commodities Carrier is a common motor carrier having the operating right to ship common commodities or all the commodities that are not declared as special commodities. General commodity can be any possessions other than domestic merchandise, harmful materials, or passengers. General commodities operations are defined as transporting of various types of goods or properties, excluding residential household goods.

Motor carriers of property are usually granted operating authority based upon the different types of commodities transported to the places and the nature of services performed on the commodities.

The categories are:

(1) Carriers of general commodities

(2) Carriers of household goods

(3) Carriers of commodities in dump trucks

(4) Carriers of specific commodities.


Some general rules regarding the operation of general commodities carrier and:

• Only motor carrier of general commodities is authorized to operate or that a motor carrier of household goods is sanctioned to operate by the law, in addition to the regular registration or license plates required by law.

• A cab card with proper signatures shall be carried in the vehicle for which it was issued.

• A decal shall be attached to a conspicuous spot on the vehicle for which it was issued as directed by the commission.

• The commission may remove and take custody of a decal found attached to a motor vehicle for which it was not issued, or when the holder of the decal has made or is involved in the unlawful use of the decal.

• The commission has complete supremacy and authority to make and shall make insurance or bond requirements for intrastate-only motor carriers of general commodities and motor carriers of household goods as it deems necessary to guard the wellbeing of the public.


Hence, this concludes the definition of General-Commodities Carrier along with its overview.


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