Land Grants

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Definition: Land Grants

A land grant is a present of real estate usually in the form of land or its privileges made by an administration or other authority as an incentive for services to an individual, especially in return for military. Grants of land are also awarded to different individuals and organizations as an inducement to develop idle land in comparatively uninhabited countries; the procedure of presenting land grants is not restricted to the countries named below but is available for a large number of countries in the world.

Some of the grants are discussed below:


Indian Land Grants can be explained as the land tracts contracted by the government to different Indians by some rules by Treaty or by United States Congressional action during the period of in the 19th century in northwestern Ohio.


Ancient Rome

Soldiers in Rome were given pensions at the conclusion of their service. The pensions could have been in the form of cash or land. In AD 5, Augustus set the amount at 3,000 denarii and it had risen to 5,000 denarii by the time of Caracalla . One denarius at that time was approximately correspondent to a day's wages for an unskilled laborer.


The British crown granted land to free convicts, starting from 1788, in the colony of New South Wales.

Men were permitted 30 acres, bonus of 20 acre if they were wedded, and 10 acres additional per child. Instructions were issued way back on 20 August 1789 that non-commissioned Marine Officers were to be permitted to 100 acres supplementary and privates to 50 acres supplementary. During the Rum Rebellion 1808-09, Governor Macquarie nullified land grants issued, although some were later rehabilitated.

Land grants walked on track to be phased out when private tenders were introduced, and stricter restrictions were placed on the grants devoid of purchase. On 17 July 1825, the instructions to Governor Brisbane were issued. Eventually, on 9 January 1831, Viscount Goderich declared that all land was to be traded at the auction publically. There were some noteworthy land grants from the time of 1803’s in the Swan River Colony and in Van Diemen's Land .


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