LASH (Light Aboard Ship) Barges

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Definition: LASH (Light Aboard Ship) Barges

LASH (Light Aboard Ship) refers to the loading of barges (lighters) into a large vessel for transport. LASH system was developed as an alternative to the developer container system. When it was invented, it was considered to be advancement in shipping technology.

It was because:

1. LASH containers were able to transport five more times more cargo than conventional ship

2. Loading and unloading was more efficient

3. Lack of harbor equipment wasn’t an issue as the lighters were loaded directly onto the ship


Historical references

LASH (Light Aboard Ship) was a concept developed in the 1960s for the transport of bulk cargos. The lighters would be towed to the departure port where either a lift or a crane would lift them and deported to a “mother” ship. The ship would carry many barges economically over long distances after which the lighters would be unloaded at the destination port.


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