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Definition: Notify Party

Notify Party is the person's name and address particulars of the person who should be notified of the entrance of the cargo. This person could be the actual buyer or recipient of the goods, payment and forwarding agent or the trader; this depends on the bill of lading that is issued.

Usually the notice of the arrival of the cargo is to be sent to this notify party. The information of the notify party are provided by the individual that provides the shipping instruction to the shipping line. They may or may not have any contractual association with either the shipping line or the shipper.

The consignee stated on the bill of lading is the person or the group that can lastly and ultimately decide who the cargo must be transported to, either themselves or their mediator or another consumer to whom they have sold the consignment.

Occurrence of the case that can be Notify Party on a bill of lading:

1. Definite recipient of the cargo – If a bill of lading is relegated to the bank the actual recipient maybe shown as the Notify Party so that they are conscious of when the shipment arrives at target.

2. Freight Forwarder who is designated by the recipient of the cargo to place for the receiving, authorization and release of the cargo.

3. Dealer or indenting agent that brokered the contract and who would like to keep a track of the consignment.

4. Any additional entity that has a curiosity in knowing the entrance and release of the consignment and may have a straight or roundabout interest in the system.

Yet, most of the shipping lines, particularly the ones that function a Liner Service do not accept any liability in case of inability to notify.


Some examples of clauses as given below:

• The transporter, his Agents and workers shall not in any situation whatsoever be under any legal responsibility for failure to inform the Consignee of the coming of the cargo, any custom of the port to the opposing albeit.

• Any talk about in this Bill of Lading of parties to be notified of the coming of the supplies is solely for information of the transporter. Malfunction to give such notification shall not question the transporter to any liability nor alleviate the Merchant of any compulsion hereunder.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Notify Party along with its overview.


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