Order Entry and Scheduling

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Definition: Order Entry and Scheduling

Order Entry and Scheduling is the process of taking a customers order, and scheduling the process of dispatching & ensuring the goods are sent to the customer. Order Entry and Order Scheduling forms an integral part of the customer handling and service providing phase. The complete system of order entry and order scheduling depends on the company into consideration.

Order scheduling is administered in a different way from company to company. It basically depends on the need of the company and the services demanded by the customers. There are many factors such as lag time, order specification, inventory level, customers waiting time, number of staff active, etc. that needs to be considered before scheduling an order and also the entry of the order depends on many factors. Some may place demand for a product at order entry and reserve it upon release. Others place demand for a product and promise it to customers at order entry. Still other companies may place demand and promise a product at order entry but, because they have high inventory levels, do not need to reserve the product at release.


Prerequisites of Effective Order Entry:

Order entry requires a welcoming, hospitable operator tone, harmonious voice modulation and accurate attention to detail to make sure that your customers' orders are precise and complete. Also to keep the customers engaged and provide a feel good factor to the customers, it is very essential to focus on the customer management tactics.

One must understand the technicalities of the order sequencing in order to provide the needed information by the customers and build the much need trust between the firm and the customer.

It also recurrently requires some degree of salesmanship and guarantee of customer service for a repeated purchase.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Order Entry and Scheduling along with its overview.

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