Motor Carrier

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Definition: Motor Carrier

Motor carriers are companies who hires bus drivers or truck drivers. They do it to ease the interstate transport such that they take the least time to move or relocate items from one place to other. They have a safety rating system too which includes full check of the vehicle, on site examination of the operations, driver qualification, finances of driver, past accidents, etc. to determine whether safety fitness standard can be provided to a particular vehicle or not.

Three types of safety rating are there which include,

Satisfactory: It means that the carrier is good enough to move or relocate items

Conditional: It means that the carrier is not good enough and needs certain criteria to be fulfilled.

Unsatisfactory: It means that carrier won’t be allowed to transport.

Motor carriers needs a permit too which acts as the evidence of registration of the vehicle. All vehicles that are not personal and are more than 10000 pounds GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) needs a permit. Permit needs to be revised every 12 months.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Motor Carrier along with its overview.


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