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Definition: NVOCC

Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) are the carriers who don’t operate or own their containers containing items (In some cases, they do). They only own the attached transport which is their assets. It is also known as “carrier to shippers” and “shipper to carriers”.

In some areas, NVOCC is treated as a virtual carrier whereas in other areas, it acts/takes full responsibility of a carrier.

If we talk about USA, NVOCC needs to file a public tariff with the government regulatory bodies. Aim is to ease the transport and at the same time, reduce the time taken and hence the cost while providing safe delivery of the products.

NVOCC’s takes the responsibility of the overseas distribution and bill of lading too. Their work consists of sales and transporting an item safely in containers to ports. One advantage is that their bills of lading are supported by actual bills of lading which are issued by the other carrier to them.


Hence, this concludes the definition of NVOCC along with its overview.

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