Over the Road

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Definition: Over the Road

Over the Road is a term used for people who do transportation between states and cities done by trucks on public highways. Carrier profiling is also done so that the truck drivers meet all the requirements to drive. Women are also being encouraged to drive trucks. The aim is to minimize the carrier cost plus delivering the containers in least time.

OTR Jobs:

They need to take the safety measures needed in extreme weather conditions. These jobs pay a salary higher than the median salary.The only disadvantage is that to earn more and more money, they need to increase their hours which might take a toll on their lives.

Truck drivers get a 5 day holiday in a 28 day period. They also get tuition reimbursement and paid orientation. People say if you want to explore the cities or states, over the road driving is the way to go.

People also get medical insurance, dental and vision and a fixed vacation. Drivers also have the option to work part time where they can drive in their own city and go home on a daily basis.


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