Port of Loading

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Definition: Port of Loading

Port of Loading is a place where the shipments get loaded on the ship after being put into a secured vessel. It is not necessary that the place from where the ship started and the place where the shipments are loaded is the same.

The document attached with it tells you the basic details of the shipment such as location, buyer’s address, etc. That port is the place where immigration papers and custom duties are also examined. Similar to this is the port of discharge/unloading and it need not be the same as port of destination.

The order of items is as follows:

1. Pre Carriage: It is mentioned in some cases, eg: if the pre carriage is by rail or land.

2. Place of receipt: It is the place where cargo is being transferred /handed over to the carrier.

3. Port of loading

4. Ocean vessel: It consists of the name of the vessel and voyage number.

5. Port of discharge:

6. Place of delivery/destination: It is the final place of the cargo or container.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Port of Loading along with its overview.

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