Truck Stop Electrification

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Definition: Truck Stop Electrification

Truck stop electrification systems allow truck drivers to power necessary systems in their vehicles such as heating, air-conditioning, other appliances without disturbing engine. As per estimates there are about 5000 electrification stops only in United States of America.


Electrification can be done by two ways:-

1. Single System electrification

2. Dual system electrification or ‘shorepower’


1. Reduce Diesel emissions from trucks

2. Save Fuel costs

Single System- An off-board system present on top the truck is responsible for providing internet, air-conditioning, heating and other such requirements. This system can be controlled from within the truck using a touch screen provided during installation.

Dual-System – It requires equipments at both onboard and offboard. It facilitates truck drivers to plug in at truck shops.

In both the cases fees is charge on per hour basis by a private maintaining company.


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