Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)

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Definition: Not Otherwise Specified (NOS)

Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) or Not Elsewhere Specified (NES) are items that cannot be specified under any head of classification in a tariff or schedule. The NOS rate is commonly used in airlift and ocean freight tariffs. When there are items for which no specified rate is found in the documentations then they are charged at a general classified rate or rate specified for NOS/NES items. NOS rate is generally higher than rates for the specified commodities.

N.O.S is also a term used by the Department of Transport (DOT) of USA. USA mandates all the hazardous materials to have a Proper Shipping Name (PSN), when labelling them for shipments. DOT’s Hazardous Shipping Table (HMT) contains a list of PSNs of all identified hazardous materials like Dry Ice etc. N.O.S is used when the name of any material is not found in the list.


Ethanol is listed as a hazardous material in the HMT.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Not Otherwise Specified (NOS) along with its overview.


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