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Definition: Pallet

Pallets are transport structures that are used to support goods in a stable manner when they are being lifted by crane, forklift, pallet jack etc. they are sometimes also referred to as Skid.


They are also used a horizontal platform base for assembling, handling and storing the materials and products. The coverage of the bottom deck provides safety from damage to the palletized goods. Recently, RFID has also been added to different pallets and they can be located along with the inventory over them, quite easily. The pallet is the most commonly used base for the unit load. Goods are stacked atop the pallet, secured by the stretch wrap and pallet collar to stabilize them.

Pallets are characterized based on type of materials they are made of. They are of following types:

• Wood Pallets

• Plastic Pallets

• Paper Pallets

• Wood Composite Pallets

• Metal Pallets

Wood pallets are the most common type of pallets that are being used in the market as they are cost effective and offer a great combination of weight, durability and stiffness. Plastic pallets find their applications, where extreme durability is required. They are more expensive than the wood pallets but they offer precision of manufacturing and ease of sanitations like advantages.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Pallet along with its overview.


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