Shop Calendar

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Definition: Shop Calendar

Shop calendar refers to the manufacturing facility calendar or the workshop calendar. It helps to know when would a job or a work commencing on a particular date and requiring a particular number of days of processing finish. In a shop calendar the weekends and the holidays are not shown. Only the working days of the enterprise or the factory or the job unit or the manufacturing unit are shown and sequentially numbered.

A shop calendar helps in scheduling and tracking of manufacturing facility correctly and accurately and answers questions related to the time of completion of manufacturing, etc. In a shop calendar the working days of a processing unit are written ignoring the non-working days of the unit. By knowing the days of work a processing unit will be active, the time of completion of manufacturing a product can be estimated correctly.

Through a shop calendar we can address questions like- “When will a job starting on June 15 and requiring 17 days of man hours of work will finish?” As the days are numbered and the known, such questions can be correctly answered.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Shop Calendar along with its overview.


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