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Definition: Scan

Scan refers to the process of examining all parts of a product/process in order to detect some feature or some abnormality or difference from the usual product or process. Scanning is done to scrutinize the process or product to detect variations from the standard. Scanning is usually done carefully or thoroughly specially with the target or aim or finding something.

Scanning is not only limited to products or processes. Scanning can be done of documents or of the human body too. Scanning can be done by glancing quickly manually or through scanning equipment. Body scanning is done through special devices meant to detect abnormalities in the human body.

Scanning can also refer to the process in which a picture or a document is put into a computer scanner and the digital image of the same is obtained on the computer. It helps to save documents and pictures in e-format.

When products or processes are scanned, it is usually done with the aim to detect flaws in the product or the process so that the same can be removed and the process or the product can be made more efficient. It is done to get rid of limitations of the process or the defects in the product. It helps to make the process even more efficient and the product more accurate and reliable.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Scan along with its overview.


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