Conference Carrier

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Definition: Conference Carrier

The shipping conference carrier is a term used for a member belonging to the liner conference and is responsible for providing scheduled service. A liner conference, also known as a shipping conference is basically an agreement. More specifically, it’s an agreement signed between two or more shipping companies to provide cargo and passenger services at scheduled times on specific trade routes under common terms and uniform rates.

The Shipping industry is of two types:

• Tramp Business

• Liner Business

Tramp Business: In this type of business, it depends mainly on the demand and supply of the cargo where the vessels are not on a fixed schedule. It is generally for bulk cargos like dry bulk in cements, grains, liquid bulk in petrol, chemicals.

Liner Business: In this kind of business, the ships are on a fixed schedule where the birthing and the ungirthing of the ships are predefined. Here the customers have the ease to know when to export and import depending on the timing of the ship. In liner business it is generally the containerized goods rather than bulk. Generally goods of perishable and are transported via the containers, that is why the export and import timing is of utmost importance.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Conference Carrier along with its overview.

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