Air Cargo Containers

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Definition: Air Cargo Containers

Air cargo containers are containers used to transport luggage in both wide body and narrow body aircraft. These cargo containers offer various advantages like they help in better utilization of space. It allows huge quantities of material to be bundled into one container and then placed inside aircraft.

It increases efficiency as containers are densely packed more stuff can be loaded in same aircraft unless load limit of aircraft is not reached. Increased efficiency, better load management means journeys to be more cost effective and cost less.

Since packing cargo in containers means fewer units to load in aircraft it save ground crew’s time, increases speed and thus prevents delaying of flights.

Various types of Air cargo containers varying in size, shape etc is:-

Demi, HMA Stall, LD-1, LD-11, LD-2, LD-26, LD-29,LD-3


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