Gathering Lines

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Definition: Gathering Lines

Gathering lines, in oil & Gas industry, are pipelines that are used to carry oil and gas from extraction site to a common collection point. These pipelines are smaller in diameter and flow & pressure inside them is relatively lower than transmitting pipelines.

Basically Gathering lines are pipelines which transfer oil and gas to a short distance. They can also move oil and gas from wells to oil batteries or natural gas processing facilities.

Gathering lines move transport gas or liquid from it natural source like rock formations located far below the drilling site to a place where they are processed or refined. In past these pipelines used to be of low diameter , work at low pressure but with time things have developed. Pipelines still remain the safest way to transport hazardous chemicals and gases.

Its Diameter can vary from 101.6 mm to 304.8 mm outside diameter (4 in. to 12 in.).


More than 250,000 km of these lines is occupied in the provinces of Western Canada, primarily in Alberta.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Gathering Lines along with its overview.

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