Test Release Cycle Time

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Definition: Test Release Cycle Time

Test Release Cycle Time is the average of the total time required for tests and release of all tests, documentation and batch approval processes to be performed from start of the manufacturing process to the release of the final finished product for shipment.

Cycle time is different from Lead Time. Lead time is the time from the receipt of request of order from the client up to the final delivery of goods and services to the consumers. Whereas, cycle time takes into account only the manufacturing activities and then the testing and shipment of the product for shipment.

Cycle time is important from a business perspective. Cycle time can be reduced effectively by increasing the efficiency of the manufacturing process and in turn, reducing the time required for manufacturing the product.

Cycle time is used to differentiate the run time of a process from its total duration. Thus,

Cycle Time = Manufacturing Time + Time for Testing + Time for Packaging.

Cycle Time Variation is a very commonly used metric to continuously improve the processes on the production line in successive shifts and to develop a lean manufacturing facility. It impacts the efficiency, value and quality of products in the long run.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Test Release Cycle Time along with its overview.


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