Straight Truck

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Definition: Straight Truck

Straight Truck are the trucks in which all the axles are coupled with a single frame. These trucks have a cuboid shaped cargo area. These are also called Cube Van, Cube Truck, Box Van, Rolling Toaster or Box Truck. These trucks are used to transport goods like furniture, appliances etc. they have a door in the rear side which pulls up just like the door of a garage.


Trucks are of two types:

• Straight Trucks: These are the trucks in which all the axles are coupled with a single frame

• Articulated trucks: In articulate trucks there are two or more frames of axles. These frames are connected with a suitable coupling.

Fig: Straight Truck

The cargo in the truck can also be accessed from the small window in the van. These trucks can be rented from different companies like U-Haul, Ryder in USA. The size is generally 4 to 7 m in length, but larger and smaller sizes are also available according to the requirements.

Sometimes, trailers are also attached to these trucks to carry the additional cargo. Companies like FedX use the trailers a lot.

Fig: 20 foot FedEx Straight Truck with 28 foot trailer

These trucks are used to increase productivity and associated with long life, economy and combine power with generous cargo space. These have also been traditionally used by railways to ship the cargos. The straight trucks used by the railways are generally called as lorry trucks. The additional facilities like refrigeration, removable stakes and hydraulic lifts are added to the trucks as per the applications.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Straight Truck along with its overview.


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