Flight Number

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Definition: Flight Number

A flight number is the number that is a combination of the name of the airline, the date of flight, and is used to identify a particular flight. Such number should not be confused with the tail number of the airplane.

Though both are used to identify flights, but they are different numbers. One airplane may be having multiple flights on a day and different airplanes may use the same flight number on different days.

In a flight number, the letters that precede the flight number represent the airline whose flight is been taken up, for example, AA stands for American airlines, UA is united airlines, etc.). also, the flights that travel eat or are northbound have even numbers and the flights that travel to south or west have odd numbers. Moreover, outbound and return flights between the same destinations have call numbers that are one digit apart. Also, the flights that have the most popular routes have low numbers (one or two digits).


Hence, this concludes the definition of Flight Number along with its overview.

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