Container Chassis

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Definition: Container Chassis

A container chassis is a special type of undercarriage or chassis developed specifically to transport containers. Container chassis refer to the skeleton structure which is a part of the semi-trailer designed specifically to transport containers. It has a bottom frame, multiple axles and several locking mechanisms to facilitate locking of container on the chassis.

When the container is locked properly on the chassis, it serves the same function as a trailer. Several ocean line companies used to provide undercarriages to the truckers to transport container across the country. Until recently, many of these companies decided to end the ownership on container chassis to cut costs which forced transporters to own their container chassis.

The major reason by the ocean lines to end ownership on container chassis is to reduce congestion, increasing efficiency, saving transportation time and reducing chassis storage. Some of the examples of container chassis are 20 and 40 foot container chassis, tank container chassis, extendable length chassis and combination chassis etc.

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