General Order

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Definition: General Order

General order can be defined as the status that is given to the imported goods or merchandise that lacks the proper document mandated by the authorities. The goods that are not quickly cleared through customs are placed under general order. Goods or merchandise will be placed under the general order if they are not cleared within a span of 15 days.

That means if the imported does not provide the necessary documentation and takes the delivery of goods within a span of 15 days (According to US Customs), goods will be transferred from the arrival warehouse to the general order warehouse at the expense of the importer where he will have to pay the associated cost for holding those goods.

Also, the risk for moving and holding the goods remains with the owner. If the general order goods are not cleared within a span of 6 months, they will be auctioned, donated or disposed of by the government depending on the nature of the goods.

Hence, this concludes the definition of General Order along with its overview.


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