Order Entry and Maintenance

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Definition: Order Entry and Maintenance

Order Entry and Maintenance is a supply chain process of ensuring correct orders and also maintaining records of those orders and stock level maintenance. OMS known as Order Management system is used for order entry and maintenance. Orders can be received from various sources. It can be from business partners, vendors or customers depending on the type of product and business.

A complete OMS system inculcates various modules and features such as order processing, data reporting, inventory available, product information, marketing catalogs and financials. It is used in various industries for different purposes. For example: automobiles (manage parts from vendors), retail (manage customer orders), telecom (manage customer accounts). In this system, new order can be fed or new information can be added to an existing order with the option of completely updating the existing order.

In addition to the sales order, there are two types of order that are generally part of Order Entry and Maintenance Systems which are mentioned below.

1) Quote orders: Same as sales order but does not involve material

2) Transfer orders: Transfer material between different departments or warehouses


The entry of an order generally consists of four steps:

1) Identification of customer and order: Identifying the specific details and information about the customer and the order requirements

2) Entry of order information: Feeding the details of the order such as product type, quantity, delivery dates etc.

3) Entry of detail line items: It requires the entry of all the items that would be required to fulfill the order to facilitate procurement of the specific line items

4) Entry of order summary: It includes transportation cost, tax and subsidies etc


Hence, this concludes the definition of Order Entry and Maintenance along with its overview.

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