Shop Floor Production Control Systems

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Definition: Shop Floor Production Control Systems

Shop Floor Production Control Systems are a part of manufacturing resource planning, which is the predecessor of enterprise resource planning (ERP), which mainly includes business management softwares for effective practices in manufacturing. Heavy complexities exist in production and production control systems. Shop floor control includes the processes, methods and other systems to control, schedule, estimate, track and evaluate the progress of production orders and schedules.

Shop Floor Control helps in optimizing the entire production and management at various levels like determining the capacity and need, matching each of plant workloads with systems available to process and evaluating their benefits.

There are different types of data collection methods in the Shop floor production control systems, which help in easy management of data as well as operations on the shop floor. This data includes the actual time used to complete the various tasks at the shop floor. This recorded time is then used for various other calculations like scheduling the work, estimation of the costs and allocation of the work.

In this system, as real time work hours are tracked, errors can be minimized and realistic standards and targets can be maintained and achieved. The working hours of machines are also scheduled in these systems for effective production purposes. This system also helps in evaluating employee performance by evaluating their work hours and productivity.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Shop Floor Production Control Systems along with its overview.

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