Parcel Shipment

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Definition: Parcel Shipment

Parcel shipment is the shipment of small packages as single shipments from one place to another place. These shipments are used by individuals as well as corporate houses. Shipment is done across towns or different countries and operators utilize air, sea and land transport to deliver parcels to their destination. There are multiple operators which provide these services such as postal services of a country or private companies like DHL, FedEx etc.

These companies have a well defines supply chains with multiple nodes to handle single shipments and provide parcel delivery and special services like Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery. The shipment generally starts with picking up the parcel from customers, packing and consolidation centers, delivery to the intermediary centers, delivery to regional hubs, delivery to local delivery hubs and last mile delivery.

The handling and sorting systems at the intermediate points puts a lot of pressure on the contents of the package since automated machines are used to handle the packages. It requires the contents of the parcel to be secured properly by using proper standardized packaging and labeling. Major parcel shipment service providers have designated staff to provide packaging guidelines and sometimes aid in packaging the parcel. They are also responsible to design and test new packaging for easy handling of goods and to protect them from any damage.


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