Primary Manufacturing Strategy

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Definition: Primary Manufacturing Strategy

Primary Manufacturing Strategy is the dominant manufacturing strategy of a company, which accounts for majority of the company's product volume. It generally accounts for 80% of the product volume. The prime purpose of creating a strategy is to expand and hold up a long-lasting competitive gain. Usually, in mechanized industries, extensive spotlight has been given for the duration of the early eighties to the significance of the manufacturing function's input to general corporate achievement, and yet the obvious lack of awareness, when take into consideration the historical aspect, to achieve that latent involvement.

Efficient use of resources is one probable constituent of a sustainable development approach. There have been many such policies projected in the writing as well as put into practice, with uncertainty over what they are, what the dissimilarity among them may be and the way in which they are used by practitioners in blueprint and produce to improve the sustainability of their manufactured goods and procedures. One must focus on the sustainable manufacturing strategies that bring enhanced material presentation.

Four crucial strategies were observed such as waste minimization; material effectiveness; reserve competence; and eco‐efficiency. Determination and analysis of the key characteristics of these sustainable manufacturing strategies is also essential. The four approaches are then evaluated and distinguished against all the distinctiveness. While currently the strategies are used in a confusing, occasionally inter‐changeable manner, focus is on providing the attempts to generate clear division between them. Description, range and realism of quantity are shown to be key personality that effect upon the aptitude of industrialized companies to create effectual use of the planned policy. It is experiential that the most actionable approaches may not include all of the other proportions of concentration to a producer wishing to turn into more sustainable, creating a quandary between the ease of accomplishment and the wideness of contact.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Primary Manufacturing Strategy along with its overview.


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