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Definition: Tractor

A tractor is an engineering equipment which is a vehicle, particularly intended to convey a high tractive effort or torque at slower speeds, for the reason of shipping a trailer or equipment used in agriculture, construction or other domains. Frequently, the expression is used to make clear that a farm vehicle that supply the power and traction to mechanize farm duties, particularly and formerly the process such as tillage, but at the moment a great variety of tasks. Agricultural implements may be towed at the rear or mounted on the tractor, and the tractor may also present a source of power if the implement is mechanized.

Tractors are usually identified by the number of axles or wheels, with major grouping of two-wheel tractors (single-axle tractors) and four-wheel tractors (two-axle tractors); more axles are potential but infrequent. Among four-wheel tractors (two-axle tractors), the majority are two-wheel drive (typically at the rear); but a lot of are two-wheel drive with front wheel assist, four-wheel drive (frequently with articulated steering), or track tractors (by means of steel or rubber tracks).

Applications of Tractors:

Farm tractor applications

The widespread use of the term tractor is for the vehicles used on farms. The farm tractor is used for the purpose of pulling or pushing agricultural machinery or trailers, for plowing, tilling, disking, harrowing, planting, and comparable jobs.

Precision agriculture

Space technology has been included into agriculture in the shape of GPS devices, and robust on-board computers put in as elective features on farm tractors. These technologies are used in modern, precision farming organization. The spin-offs from the space race have in fact aid automation in plowing and the use of auto steer systems, the thought being to neither partly cover and use additional fuel nor leave streaks when performing tasks such as cultivating.

Engineering tractors

The sturdiness and engine power of tractors make them very appropriate for engineering tasks. Tractors can be built-in with engineering tools such as dozer blades, buckets, hoes, rippers, etc. The mainly frequent attachments for the front of a tractor are dozer blades or buckets. Once attached to engineering tools, the tractor is termed as an engineering vehicle.


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