Terms of Service

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Definition: Terms of Service

Terms of service, or terms of use or Terms and conditions, are some commonly agreed upon rules which the user must abide by in order to use that product or service. They are special and genera agreements, requirements, standards, provisions, specifications and standards which constitute an integral portion of a contract or an agreement. It can also act like just a disclaimer regarding the use of a website.

The Terms and Conditions are mainly used for legal purposes by internet service providers and websites. These service providers such as e-commerce and social networking websites store a user’s personal data. A terms and conditions agreement is legally standing and is subjected to change with theme and requirement.

A terms and conditions agreement mainly consists of multiple sections including one or more sections from the list given below:

• Clear definition of all the keywords and phrases used

• The rights and responsibilities of the user

• Clear demarcation of the expected or proper usage of the product. Also the potential misuse

• Accountability for online actions, behaviour, and conduct

• Privacy policy outlining the use of personal data

• The details of payment like subscription or membership fees, etc.

• If the opt-out policy is available then the procedure for account termination must be clearly defined

• It should have a disclaimer which clarifies the legal liabilities if the site for any damages to the users

• User notification upon modification of terms, if offered


Hence, this concludes the definition of Terms of Service along with its overview.


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