Picking by Aisle

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Definition: Picking by Aisle

Picking by aisle is a method by which pickers in a warehouse pick up all needed items in an aisle regardless of the items' final destination. The items are later sorted out but are initially simply picked up form the aisle.

In a warehouse management system, the order of the picking operation can be the determining factor between profits and loss. It is how well the picking operation is run, which determines how well the company’s financials shall be. There are two fundamental approaches of picking up which differ only in the manner the container is presented to the picker.

In case when the picker moves to the container, then the system is called as picker-to-part system. Some of the most popular examples of this kind of system are in-the-aisle order picking systems and walk-and-pick systems.

The other case is when the container is brought to the picker. This system, where the container is carried to the picker is known as part-to-picker system. Some of the most common examples of this kind of system are end-of-aisle order picking and some carousel based systems. In such as system, once the picker picks up the requisite parts from the container, the container is replaced back to the storage area till it is empty.

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