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Definition: Waste

Waste is defined as unwanted to unused materials or resources that can be discarded from regular consumption. It is actually a very subjective concept due to the process of recycling that actually turns waste into useful and usable substance.


As per the United Nations, the definition of waste was given in the Basel convention. “Wastes are substances or objects, which are disposed of, or are intended to be disposed of by the provisions of international law”


In environmental terms, the types of wastes are as follows:

1. Municipal/ household waste

2. Biomedical waste

3. Hazardous waste

4. Radioactive waste


Waste Management

Waste management is an important concept in modern industry. There is a perennial emphasis on lean management, that is, to minimize waste- be it land, labor or capital. Waste management highlights the concept of resource efficiency. It is imperative that the current production and consumption patterns are not sustainable. Hence, waste management comes in handy here. Some of the common waste management solutions are:

1. Incineration: through combustion

2. Landfills

3. Pyrolysis: to recover fuels


Hence, this concludes the definition of Waste along with its overview.


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