Dual Operation

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Definition: Dual Operation

Dual operation is referred to two activities that need to be carried out at the same time in a process. Carrying out two activities at the same time is necessity for timely and fast completion of the whole process.

In this case firm might have to carefully observe resources. If they were planning to use one instrument or machine for two processes but now they have to be done in parallel than two such machines will be required. This reduces time but sometimes increases cost.

Dual operation is operation obtained by series of defined steps performed in particular order to obtain the desired results. Dual operation starts with replacing points with lines and lines with points. The points obtained this way are joined together to form a line and lines obtained through this process are marked with points and so on. This goes on till the desired result is obtained and we stop our operation after that.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Dual Operation along with its overview.


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