Supplier Quantity Engineering

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Definition: Supplier Quantity Engineering

Supplier Quantity Engineering is defined as the quality assurance given to a customer by a supplier with respect to the product being delivered. Supplier Quality Engineering is attained only by a strong communication between the supplier and the consumer where in all the discussion on product quality is held.


The concept

Supplier Quality Engineering leads to the concept of Supplier Quality Assurance (SQA). SQA is an important in in the manufacturing industry and experts are held to achieve efficient results. Supplier Quality Assurance can be divided into 9 steps:

1. Defining product’s quality requirements

2. Evaluation of alternative suppliers

3. Selection of the best supplier

4. Conduction of joint quality planning

5. Cooperation during relationship

6. Validation of conformance to requirements

7. Certification of qualified suppliers

8. Conduction of quality improvement plans

9. Creation of user and supplier ratings.



1. The primary objective of Supplier Quality Engineering is to ensure a zero defect mentality

2. Compliance of the engineering rules and norms


Hence, this concludes the definition of Supplier Quantity Engineering along with its overview.


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