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Definition: Flatbed

A Flatbed truck is a type of truck / lorry which is completely level and has no sides or roof, and is primarily used to load and carry heavy & big objects/goods. It can either be single rigid or joined along with another tractor in a truck. It is as the name suggests, absolutely flat.

This type of truck basically facilitates quick and easy loading of materials and goods onto the truck. The flatbed allows transportation of goods which are huge in size and are larger than the area covered by a truck trailer which is closed since the open area allows it. Things which are not vulnerable to damage or are not delicate such as construction equipment are generally transported using these trucks as they require low maintenance.

Major advantage of a Flatbed Cargo is that loading and unloading goods is very easy as the space is not constrained and has a lot of free area from where goods can be loaded and unloaded.

Major disadvantages of a Flatbed cargo are that the strapping and taping should be done in a proper way and the material should be strong and resilient as those are exposed to the direct atmosphere and may encounter direct heat of the sun and heavy rains. Another thing that Flatbed cargos frequently face is that they might get overloaded due to the freedom of space which needs to be kept in consideration.

For example: Large construction equipment for Construction can be transported in Flatbed Trucks

Hence, this concludes the definition of Flatbed along with its overview.


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