Integration Competency Centre

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Definition: Integration Competency Centre

Integration Competency Centre is a facility within a large organization, whose primary objective are to integrate all the processes of the company, which may include data, system or enterprise application integration. The main reason why this is done is that this allows companies to have the same basis for comparing all their sub units and all the systems are cohesive with one another because all processes inside a company should have the same base on which things are done which should act as the standard.

These ICCs allow companies to optimize all their scarce resources by combining everything into one group, reduce time taken for project completion as these increase efficiency and effectiveness, simplify their processes by removing all duplication and using centrally approved processes, use the existing information to perform all the tasks instead of doing the same laborious tasks again and again which would eventually help lower the costs.

There are generally types of ICCs. Few of them are:

• Self-service ICC: This ICC basically fosters innovation in all the departments of the day to day working of the company.

• Shared services ICC: These are competencies one department can use from the other. This acts as the central point where all the information pertaining to all the shared services are stored.

• Standard services ICC: This helps in creating a standard for the organization. All the departments of the organization are supposed and expected to adhere to these standard services.

• Best practices ICC: This unit helps to share all the best practices across the organization which would allow other departments to adopt the same.

• Central services ICC: This basically provides integration in all the services across the organization. This basically is involved in all the developmental activities of the organization.

The key challenges that are faced are change resistance by the employees of the company, adaptability of the employees and funding problems. For example: A simple data integration centre would be doing activities like Data quality management, Data warehousing, Data synchronization and Data migration.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Integration Competency Centre along with its overview.


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