Routing Guide

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Definition: Routing Guide

Routing guide is a term generally used by logistics industry players with the aim to streamline the overall logistics process ,reduce the cost and enhance the relationship between different strategic buyers and sellers.

Routing guides contains following items

• The path or routing instructions a vessel or ship would follow when they are out to deliver the consignment to intended costumer.

• They also include the specific modes and carriers that they would use in the shipping lanes

• This also helps in providing proper instructions to the staffs onboard and the involved trading partners so they be on the same page and if any issue arise it can be sorted out immediately.


Cost and time are the two major variable of any routing guide , so every vessel/ship should be thoroughly judged and their price and service qualities should be chalked out properly so that it will be clear in future to use which vessel for which type of work which in turn would save time cost, if not done there can be underutilization of resources which not only affect cost but time as well decreasing the overall productivity.


Now a day's web routing guides are also being used which has improved the overall efficiency of process significantly. The help us in providing real time information which greatly affects the decision making as we can make the changes on the spot with the given information and reduce the costs. Many parameters keep on fluctuating like prices and etc which compel the carriers to go out of business but with the help of web routing and its ability to get a real time information changes can be made accordingly in shorter span of time thus protecting the business.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Routing Guide along with its overview.


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