Non-certificated Carrier

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Definition: Non-certificated Carrier

Non-certificated Carrier is a company which wants to operate as an Air carrier needs to be certificated by the Government stating that it is a certificated carrier and is allowed to transfer goods from one place to another or can act as a passenger airline. All companies which wish to operate in these industries need to undergo this certification as a mandatory step. Any company which does not have this certification but is still operating in these industries illegally is called non-certificated carrier.

Companies should not give contracts to companies which are non-certificated carriers as this promotes illegal trade and although these companies offer attractive rates for transporting material, it is absolutely unethical.

For example: Company A is a company which is in the industry of logistics and has not been able to get a certificate which allows it to operate. This is an example of a company which is a non-certificated carrier.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Non-certificated Carrier along with its overview.


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