Production Line

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Definition: Production Line

A production line is a setup in which all the tasks right from entry of raw material to processing of final product is done. It takes care of the sequence to be followed for the production of a particular product being produced in the production line. In a production line, it is very important to take care of the times the intermediate product spends in a particular workstation according to the requirement. In a production line, all the steps required to produce the product are performed in stations which are called workstations.

The beauty of a production line is that all processes need to be streamlined and perfectly aligned with each other to get the desired qualities of the product. The process is checked and standardized to obtain the best results.

For example: A chemical company which produces Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF) will have a production line starting from the introduction of Viscose and Spinbath where Viscose fibre will be regenerated post which it will go through various zones of Washing and Drying in order to get the desired quality of fibre. This sequence of events right from introduction to the final product is called a Production Line.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Production Line along with its overview.

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