Von Thunen’s Belts

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Definition: Von Thunen’s Belts

Von Thunen’s Belts are basically built on the ideology shared by Von Thunen in his theory, where these belts are basically hypothetical concentric rings into which the area around the city is divided and classified into on the basis of farming and agricultural products which should be produced. This is a very old concept and was built even before the Industrial Revolution. The concept basically divided the entire geographical area into five regions.

The central region was the Central City which was followed by Intensive Farming and Dairying. Beyond this region the Forest was considered and extensive field crops were grown around the forest and the final layer was that of the ranching / animal products. The concept was basically built on which type of agricultural product should be grown where so as to reach the market most quickly and in a most efficient manner and for long term sustainability. The main strength of the theory lies in the fact that land cost and transportation cost is balanced in a very good manner.

For example: If we consider any city and divide it geographically into different regions according to the Von Thunen theory, the hypothetical boundaries which would be created would be known as Von Thunen’s belts.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Von Thunen’s Belts along with its overview.


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