WPA - WiFi Protected Access

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Definition: WPA - WiFi Protected Access

WPA is an acronym for Wi-Fi protected access, where WPA network is one in which work is done on a wireless network which is fully enabled and all information is transmitted wirelessly over the network across different employees working for the organization but is protected against people who might access the Wi Fi but are not part of the organization and steal information.

A WPA network is set up by simply putting a password for information which is not critical in public places but as the security level keeps increasing, the kind of protection in a WPA network keeps increasing. It is a important and necessary step as information stealing over a Wi Fi public is very easy and companies should safeguard themselves from such threats.

For example: Whenever we go into areas which have Wi Fi enabled access in different companies, we generally see there are various levels of security which we have to complete before we get access to it. These levels of security are created to give it protection and such a network is called a WPA.

Hence, this concludes the definition of WPA - WiFi Protected Access along with its overview.

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