ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

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Definition: ISO (International Organization for Standardization)

What is ISO?

ISO is an international Standard making body founded on, 23 Feb 1947.It has 163 member nations as in April 2012.The member countries are divided into three categories-member bodies, correspondent bodies and subscribers’ bodies. There are thousands of Quality standards that are published by the ISO.

Certification –The /companies desiring for the ISO certificate can apply for the same. There is a team of auditors that conduct visits to the companies and upon successful adherence of the parameters, allot certificate to the firms.

ISO Logo

THE NAME GAME-The acronym is ISO rather than IOS in English because it would be different in the recognise languages; OIN (Organisation Internationale de normalisation) in French and MOS (Myezhdunarodnaya organizatsiya po standartizatsi) in Russian. Therefore the founders named it after a Greek Word ISOSwhich means equal. Hence, this convention would be used all over the world.

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