Intermodal Transportation

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Definition: Intermodal Transportation

It is a kind of transportation modal involving the multiple mode of transportation like air, water, land via Aircraft, ship, rails and trucks. This system can be used for the transportation of freight and passengers both.

While in a transportation system for freight the cargo is packed in containers and that container is transported to destination via multiple modes like ships, aircrafts, rails, trucks etc. without removing the cargo from the container. Since there is not much handling of container required this system is very safe and secure and requires less handling time.

This leads to very economic mode of transportation.

Intermodal transportation for passenger works in similar way. The passenger uses different mode to reach to their destination.  We use this mode in our daily life. For example a person reaching to an airport by using the bus, train or taxi service is going through the intermodal passenger transportation system.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Intermodal Transportation along with its overview.


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