Universal Product Code

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Definition: Universal Product Code

Universal Product Code is a 12 digit barcode printed at the bottom of any grocery product or food product . It helps in keeping  a track of  the outgoing inventory . It is issued by the Uniform Council Code after a  particular payment is done by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer is issued a 12 digit number having a machine readable bar code. The first six digits of the number  are unique  for a manufacturer and is known as the manufacturer code.  The next 5 digits are for the item code . The item code is unique for same   product  with different shapes and packaging. There number of digits vary from item to item . The other item can have  a 16 digit bar code.  The last digit of the code is the check code or the identification code.

Example :

The 11 digits of bar code of a number being given as 80567145326 . The last digit can be verified by using the following steps :

Step 1  :

Calculate the sum of digits at odd positions    =   8+5+7+4+3+6 =32

Step 2:

Multiply the number obtained in step 1  by 3

=32 *3 =96

Step 3 :

Add the sum of digits at  even places = 0+6+1+3+6 = 16

Add the number obtained in Step 2 to this  = 96+16 =112

Now  on adding the check digit which brings it closest to its multiple of 10  ie 8

Hence, this concludes the definition of Universal Product Code along with its overview.


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