Web Casting

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Definition: Web Casting

Web casting is the broadcasting done through the internet.  Exclusive distribution rights are given to the interested parties for using copyrighted material.  E classroom learning is done through a online streaming or an online TV.  Some of the features in a webcast could be  :


  • Web storage – The video can be stored and retrieved for viewing it later. This makes it very cost effective
  • In a virtual classroom setting it can help in receiving polls as well as inviting feedbacks.
  • Portability –  Any presentation done in a remote  centre can be shared using a webcast  and made more interactive.
  • It can easily integrate  he speaker’s  speech with his supporting slides , videos  and  sessions  into a single presentation.
  • It helps in recording key notes  during a conferences , lectures and meetings  etc.
  • It saves a lot of training cost involved in relocation of trainers.
  • It could be used for any form of communication  presentation , conferences , Annual General meetings
  • Regularly used in live demonstrations of  a newly launched product


It gives the  advantage of  directly targeting the decision taking body   and allows you to get past the hurdles in a conventional channel . It aids the process of lead generation. However the resources involved in setting up  live transmission  are high.


Examples :

The various audio - video portals  ,  radio station channel sharing ,   Intermediate  scale processing suits , Channel customization  , teleconferences and  other knowledge management systems.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Web Casting along with its overview.

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